Absurd for Cities to Shun Chic-Fil-A

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Regardless of where you stand on Gay marriage do you think state governments or more specifically mayors should publicly shun a successful company like Chic-Fil-A? That’s what Chicago just did. Is Rahm Emanuel in the right?


Posted by in Politics / News on 7/26/12
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DollyFan - 7/26/12 @ 8:51 PM:
Even though I am boycotting their restaurant, I don 't agree with a city banning them, although I appreciate the city trying to stand up for the right thing!

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Sarah Forester - 7/26/12 @ 8:15 PM:
perhaps they should just let the people decide for themselves if they want to eat there. makes sense to me. Honestly i think this will just blow over like the whole Target thing last year and then what? They will be without chick fil a and the city officials may want one. =)
LIBERAL - 7/27/12 @ 11:20 AM: Ally | Side A
Not only that Sarah, but it would produce taxes, employment, etc. I read an article anyway that stated it really won't matter if people boycott anyway, because most of known about Cathy's position for years and chances are those who are boycotting were already doing so long before now.

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The Boss - 7/26/12 @ 7:39 PM:

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LIBERAL - 7/26/12 @ 7:37 PM:
300!!!!!350!!!!!CLEAR!!!!ZAP!! Just trying to resuscitate any of those that need it. While I am in total disagreement with their policy, and their food (ugh), it is hypocrisy for any city or state to shun a company just because of its personal beliefs. They have every right to free enterprise in this country just as any other company. They label a company intolerant by doing what? Showing intolerance? It's just stupid really. There are other ways to show discontent than this. FACEPALM.
The Boss - 7/26/12 @ 7:41 PM: Ally | Side A
I am in total agreement. The simple fact that a mayor would publicly maim a company like he did when the economy is as poor as it is. This would equate to much needed jobs and tax revenue.
Sarah Forester - 7/26/12 @ 8:15 PM: Ally | Side A
Rick, I also agree with you completely.
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