Anthony Weiner Should get the Shaft

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Congress is All Corrupt. Who Cares?

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By now you’ve surely heard about New York Representative Anthony Weiner nearly exposing his, well wiener. Should it matter where he feeds his Twitter or sex addiction? Should he get shafted out of the US Congress or do you not care?


Posted by in Politics / News on 6/07/11
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  1. cutie122403 (1 votes)
  1. The Boss (1 votes)
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Side A Comment

DollyFan - 7/25/11 @ 10:44 PM:
He was doing something immoral and should be out of Congress. We may not be able to stop a neighbor or co-worker from doing this but we expect more out of our voted representatives!

But you posting the video about the "internet switch" is a tool to help sway the vote. This video has nothing to do with the question and should not be on here. In my opinion, you tend to try to sway votes by showing something negative that does not pertain to the question on hand. It then turns me off of the site after seeing it over and over on many questions. Just my two cents.

Side B Comment

Judy Kavalick - 6/17/11 @ 2:58 PM:
How many others have done something similar? Remember Bill Clinton? Most politicians are out to line their own pockets anyway. Most do not care about the people who put them in office anyway.

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james becquart - 6/13/11 @ 5:47 PM:
hould be kicked out of congress and prosecuted for being a prevert. better yet castrate him and jail him in thegeneral population of any prison. also tattoo pervert on his forehead.

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cutie122403 - 6/10/11 @ 11:19 PM:
Kick him out, he disgusts me!

Side A Comment

TNinfidel - 6/10/11 @ 8:47 AM:
Progressives have no place in this country. They are enemies of liberty. This tool is traitor and should be hung.
gonzo - 6/15/11 @ 1:09 AM: Rival | Side B
TNinfidel - 6/15/11 @ 1:33 AM: Ally | Side A
Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have used "hung" when talking about a Weiner. Tool didn't help any either. Who the hell would elect someone with a name like this anyway...

Side A Comment

The Boss - 6/7/11 @ 6:08 PM:
Personally, I've disliked this guy for a long time; going back to where he flirted with the idea of giving the US president the power to turn the internet off. A switch to the internet so to speak. I see this as a golden opportunity to get rid of a big government loving progressive liberal, so I've gotten a real rise out of this scandal; possibly a slight Boehner.

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