9/11 Was an Inside Job

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911 Was an Act of Terrorism

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Many people claim 9/11 was orchestrated by the US government and not an act of terrorism planned by Al-Qaeda. There are many arguments supporting the inside job theory but there validity is up for debate. What do you think happened?


Posted by in World / Conflicts on 9/11/10

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Olivia Newton - 10/27/10 @ 5:05 PM:
I don't think it was an inside job, but I do think Bush had been forewarned. Information about terrorists flying into the Twin Towers was given to him twice and both times he ignored them, if we can believe what we hear! It was an opportunity for him to declare war (on the wrong country....) and finish his daddy's job. Gee, I am getting so cynical!

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The Boss - 9/26/10 @ 9:08 AM:
Yet another item to add fuel to the fire of government involvement. I read this today:

Headline:Pentagon Destroys Copies of Controversial Memoir Written by Army Officer

(Atta was the 9/11 mastermind)
"Specifically, the DIA wanted references to a meeting between Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, the book's author, and the executive director of the 9/11 Commission, Philip Zelikow, removed. In that meeting, which took place in Afghanistan, Shaffer alleges the commission was told about "Able Danger" and the identification of Atta before the attacks. No mention of this was made in the final 9/11 report.

Shaffer, who was undercover at the time, said there was "stunned silence" at the meeting after he told the executive director of the commission and others that Atta was identified as early as 2000 by "Able Danger."

"Dr. Philip Zelikow approached me in the corner of the room. 'What you said today is very important. I need you to get in touch with me as soon as you return from your deployment here in Afghanistan'," Shaffer said.

Once back in the U.S., Shaffer says he contacted the commission. Without explanation, the commission was no longer interested. An inspector general report by the Department of Defense concluded there was no evidence to support the claims of Shaffer and others. But Fox News has obtained an unredacted copy of the IG report containing the names of witnesses, who backed up Shaffer's story when contacted for comment."

Link to Article: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/09/25/pentagon-destroys-copies-controversial-memoir-written-army-officer/

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Jeff - 9/24/10 @ 12:44 AM:
Whos to say this wasn't planned without his aknowledge,like the Goverment don't keep secrets no never thats unheard of isn't.
LIBERAL - 9/24/10 @ 10:10 PM: Rival | Side B
My point was that the only person to benefit from a planned attack like 9/11 would have been Bush. Can you honestly think of anyone else besides him or Cheney that would have benefited from such an action?

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LIBERAL - 9/23/10 @ 10:57 AM:
9/11 was not an inside job. I could quote and post videos here supporting this belief all day, but to no avail for those who believe otherwise. I simply know this much. To admit 9/11 was an inside job precludes the idea that anyone or organization other than the government could possibly have pulled this off. If indeed it was the government that could mean only one thing. This could not have been orchestrated by some peon at Norfolk, Langley, or even the Pentagon. It would almost certainly have to include those with the highest of powers. Yes, I mean then President of the United States George W. Bush. With that in mind I can safely and categorically say this. There is no way on God's green Earth that George W. Bush had the intellect, know-how, or strategy to put into place this kind of organized plot to fool the majority of American people.
The Boss - 9/25/10 @ 7:45 AM: Ally | Side B
Welcome back Rick.

You are right as it would have to of had involvement all the way up to the president. I'll agree that Bush on his own couldn't have conceived such an elaborate plan but being realistic it would seem to me that the President of the United States is a bit of a puppet being pushed and pulled from corporate, union, powerful individuals, contributors, etc... So it isn't that far of a stretch to believe the administration (collectively) could have orchestrated this event.

With that said, I do not believe 911 was an inside job but have to admit there is some questionable bits of information. I always asked myself what would the US government benefit from doing this to their own people as I heard 911 truthers converse throughout the last eight or nine years and I always came up emtpy.

However, in the light of President Obama and his administration capitalizing on our economic crisis as the chief of staff is on record stating I couldn't help but ask the following question.

Would the American people allowed the passing of the Patriot Act if we had not been so violently attacked? If we hadn't been faced with such a crisis? Curious on your thoughts.
cutie122403 - 10/1/10 @ 1:38 AM: Ally | Side B
Wow, this video will really make you think. I still think that's weird.

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randja - 9/14/10 @ 3:25 AM:
The Boss - 9/14/10 @ 4:50 PM: Ally | Side B
Here's something to think about. It is very odd that no footage is available that shows a 757 jet flying into the pentagon. I'm far from a 911 truther but have to admit this is very strange.

One thing that isn't mentioned in this video is that there were many eye witnesses that verify it was an American airlines jet.

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