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Is hr 3963 (Affordable Health Care for America Act) an attack on Freedom or do the Democrats have our best interest at heart


Posted by in Health / News on 11/05/09

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mama kaz - 11/17/09 @ 2:25 PM:
I've been taking a few minutes each day to read a little more of the health care bill. The more I read the more I fear. Please follow the link above and start thinking for yourself. We have to find a way to stop this before its too late. Medical care is so expensive now because insurance companies and private pay patients are being forced to foot the bill for the many people who don't have insurance but many of these people are without because they just don't want to work or choose to spend their money on other things. We have become a nation of entitlement. When I went to work I had no college degree and no experience at anything but motherhood. I went to my pediatrician and offered my services as a file clerk for minimum wage. I went to work on time EVERYDAY and worked my butt off and was quickly promoted and trained for better paying positions. Before long I was making more money than many people who had college degrees. I did it myself through hard work and by being dependable. I am tired of having to support people who don't work and am not afraid to come right out and say it. I am happy to help people who really need it but in today's world you only have to be lazy to qualify for assistance. I'm not a hater, I'm just an ordinary middle class person who believes everyone should work hard to obtain what they want in life.

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Jeff - 11/7/09 @ 12:01 AM:
See thats just crap right there.

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mama kaz - 11/6/09 @ 6:31 PM:
My husband and I have already begun to experience the obtrusiveness of what they are doing with this bill. He MUST take a health survey and be "graded" by Aetna who happens to be his health insurance carrier through his job. This will go in his permanent file. If he does not take this survey he will be "fined" $250.00 per month until he does.They have nurses call us at home to discuss our meds and health in general. They are persistent and pressure us to call our doctor and tell him every time we take a vitamin or anything like that. They are worse than telemarketers. They even called to urge us to get our flu shot. This is only the beginning. You should be very afraid. I am. In fact I'm so concerned that I am in Washington DC right now to try to urge representatives to vote against it.
cutie122403 - 11/7/09 @ 10:31 AM: Ally | Side A
That is insane. This is exactly what they want- to control every aspect of our lives.

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The Boss - 11/5/09 @ 6:52 AM:
Not sure what this bill is about? Well if you have about a week of free time you can EASILY read the bill at the following link. Oh, one thing, you might need an attorney and access to multiple bills/laws that have passed in years prior in order to piece everything together. Good luck.
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