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Politics and equal rights aside and First amendment set aside, which chicken is better? Just based on flavor!


Posted by in Business / Companies on 8/02/12
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Neutral Comment

mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 8:04 PM:
I love food and especially food I didn't have to prepare so I vote for both. I do love Chik-fil-a's breakfast burritos.

Neutral Comment

Sarah Forester - 8/7/12 @ 10:25 AM:
I had to vote neutral because I have never had Zaxby's. I love chick-fil-a's chicken minis and their chicken Cesar wrap. That is all i eat there and my son loves their kids meals.
The Boss - 8/7/12 @ 10:32 AM: Ally | Neutral
Never had Zaxbys? What!!! How long have you live out here? Time to stop in and get an order of there tater chips (I think that's what they're called.) Very good quality real chicken just like Chic Fil-a

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Jeff - 8/4/12 @ 12:02 PM:
Hands down Zaxby's all the way

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DollyFan - 8/3/12 @ 8:57 AM:
I agree that Zaxby's crinkle fries with seasoning are a lot better than the waffle fries at Chik. The only time the waffle fries are any good is if you get to eat them immediately, so there is still some heat to them. And yes, the chicken strip salad at Zaxby's is delicious. Shakes are good at both restaurants. Zaxby's has a birthday cake shake that I thought no way but a friend got it and I tasted it. It was good!

Neutral Comment

cutie122403 - 8/2/12 @ 10:20 PM:
I am also in the middle on this one. I actually like both but I think Zaxby's chicken is too greasy. Besides the grease it seems like its better quality over Chik-fil-a.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 8/2/12 @ 8:34 PM:
I honestly like them both about the same and chose neutral because I visit their resteraunts almost equally to mix it up. That way I don't get burned out on either. Both chains use quality meat unlike my visit to checkers which might explain why this comment being submitted is indeed red flagged. A little Seinfeld humor.

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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 8:20 PM:
I do love the chicken biscuit from Chik-fil-a for breakfast but the chicken at Zaxby's is definitely the best. Now that I'm watching what I eat, I really like to get the chicken salad sandwich and side of celery sticks at. Have probably eaten at Zaxby's a dozen times this year and only once at Chik-fil-a. Could only list two possibilities, so didn't mention Popeye's or KFC or any others.
LIBERAL - 8/2/12 @ 8:27 PM: Ally | Side A
Despite the stance by Chick-fil-A's President Dan Cathy, I prefer Zaxby's. Their chicken just has a much better flavor and call me weird, but the dipping sauce is awesome. I even like the salad with the diced chicken strips. Although I do like the waffle fries and Chick's I think the crinkle cut fries Zaxby's makes are ten times better. I never boycotted Chick-fil-A on purpose. I just never liked their food as much as other places.
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