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Focus on Restoring Power and Food

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Less than a week after one of the most devastating storms to ever hit the East Coast the Mayor of New York made the decision to go ahead with the New York marathon even though millions of people are still without power and food. Good idea?


Posted by in Politics / News on 11/02/12

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The Boss - 11/2/12 @ 6:12 PM:
Well there's not much to debate now. The Marathon has been canceled. Looks like common sense or public pressure caught up to the decision makers of New York.

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The Boss - 11/2/12 @ 5:01 PM:
I get the mayors idea but from the few news clips I've seen on Brian Williams show last night I think it's far too soon to be setting up water stations, road blocks, and generators for a marathon when people in New Jersey, New York, and other coastal states are in serious need of power and food. I personally feel this is poor judgement on the mayors part but that's pretty much what I expect from Mr. Bloomberg. Just make sure the marathon runners don't have any 17 ounce cokes Mr. Mayor.

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The Boss - 11/2/12 @ 4:57 PM:
Some of what the Mayor had to say: "Bloomberg said New York "has to show that we are here and we are going to recover" and "give people something to cheer about in what's been a very dismal week for a lot of people."

"You have to keep going and doing things," he said, "and you can grieve, you can cry and you can laugh all at the same time. That's what human beings are good at.""
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