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New York. Destroying Freedom.

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The city of New York is known for their progressive gun bans, limiting the amount of salt that can be used in food, capping the size of soft drinks to 16 ounces, and now the MTA is censoring subway advertisements. Leading or Destroying?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 9/29/12
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LIBERAL - 10/3/12 @ 12:25 AM:
What exactly prompted them to do this in the first place? Were there specific reasons why it was done? Just curious.
The Boss - 10/3/12 @ 11:11 AM: Rival | Side B
It had to do with pro Israel advertisements. When I get home from work I'll add some videos.

Alright here is a video of an MSNBC contributor vandalizing the pro Israel anti-islam ad.

Article Referencing the change in MTA regulations (updated)
Source prior to update from MTA

Side B Comment

DollyFan - 9/30/12 @ 11:13 PM:
I heard about this and think it's ridiculous! Even if they are doing it for the "right" reasons, American citizens can NOT let this go. What freedoms will they try to control next? And what other cities will follow the lead of NYC? Once you let something like this happen, it is a slippery slope as to what freedom(s) will disappear next!

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The Boss - 9/29/12 @ 9:10 AM:
New York is a beautiful city. Crystal and I have visited NYC on a couple of occasions and greatly enjoyed our visits. With that said, NYC government is on the path to becoming a total nanny state and If I resided in NYC I would be greatly concerned. I would be forced to ask, where does it end? If you look out 20 to 30 years how much freedom will NYC have left? Or I guess the better question, what will the NYC government permit it's citizens to do, eat, and own?
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