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With it being announced that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will be joining the judges panel on the X-Factor will you be pulled into watching it or is American Idol with Jlo, Tyler, and Jackson still the best reality talent show?

Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 5/19/12
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  1. TNinfidel (3 votes)
  1. cutie122403 (1 votes)
  1. Jeff (1 votes)

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Neutral Comment

Jeff - 6/7/12 @ 7:39 PM:
I dislike both shows so don't really care whos doing the voting.

Neutral Comment

cutie122403 - 5/21/12 @ 3:06 PM:
I really dont care for either show. American idol is a waist of time and I have never seen X-Factor but I don't really care to.

Neutral Comment

TNinfidel - 5/21/12 @ 2:50 PM:
Honestly, only retards watch this crap.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/19/12 @ 8:15 PM:
I honestly didn't watch the first season of X-Factor but I've completely lost interest in American Idol. We started watching it very early on this season but only made it a couple weeks in before we decided AMC shows on Netflix were a far better form of entertainment. We'll definitely give X-Factor a shake next season.
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