Will Be Very Successful in the NFL

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His College Success Will End in NFL

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Tim Tebow will go down as one of the greatest College players but what will happen when he heads to the NFL? Gators


Posted by in Sports / Football on 9/28/09

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mama kaz - 9/29/09 @ 11:18 AM:
I am a Gator Hater but have great respect for young Mr Tebow. I am afraid he is going to get hurt badly in the NFL unless they can get him to break out of his bad habit of trying to do everything. I think it's somewhat irresponsible of his coach to depend on him to have a career as a running back while playing quarterback just for the sake of championships. I wish the best for him but no coach in the NFL is going to allow their quarterback to play two positions at the same time, not to mention his opponents. If he can learn to just play quarterback I think he will be wildly successful. If not....
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