Wallet or Purse Stolen Would be Worse

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Hacked Facebook Account Far Worse!

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Chances are someone you or someone you know has had both of these things happen but what would be more devastating to your life? The loss of credit cards, id’s, cash, receipts, or the loss of the social networking connection of Facebook?

Posted by in Tech / Other on 3/19/12

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Sarah Forester - 8/22/12 @ 9:08 AM:
oh this would be far worse for me. lol my purses are usually worth more than what is in them and i am with Elaine on this one, it has my lip gloss. =) someone could do a lot of damage with my credit cards and drivers license.

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mama kaz - 8/22/12 @ 9:02 AM:
I would hate to have my purse stolen because it has my lip gloss in it.

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cutie122403 - 4/9/12 @ 9:44 AM:
My purse being stolen would be FAR worse! I can fix a hacked Facebook account but most of the time you will never get your purse back. You carry a lot more personal information in your purse plus you could have money and/or a checkbook.

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LIBERAL - 3/20/12 @ 7:26 PM:
I could live with my facebook account being hacked, but I've had my wallet stolen before. Despite immediately cancelling my credit cards there was still the issue of having to apply for a new driver's license, and god forbid if I had kept something like my SS card in my wallet. Of all the things you can change this unfortunately is not one of them. If someone had gotten this there's no telling what they could've accomplished with something that personal. For me it just would've been the hassle of having any form of I.D. reissued and any of my credit cards.

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The Boss - 3/19/12 @ 9:26 PM:
This is actually a tough one when you think about it and it certainly depends just how you are entwined into Facebook. Here's the way I see it, credit cards can be canceled nearly instantaneously, id's can be replaced in a matter of hours, cash is lost, but if something happens to your Facebook; hence you digital identity you are at the mercy of Facebook to get things back in place. While I've been lucky enough to avoid Facebook problems I know many people who have not been so lucky and getting Facebook to fix the problems was a time consuming process. Still this is a damn close call but Facebook just edges out with me primarily because I have a fan page as well.
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