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Assuming Ron Paul doesn’t win the GOP nomination (Which isn’t a stretch) who would he take more votes from if he decides to run as a third party candidate in the upcoming presidential election? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 5/16/12
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LIBERAL - 5/17/12 @ 4:45 PM:
He would absolutely take more from Romney than Obama. Those that would have voted for Romney will opt for someone they consider far more conservative on certain issues than Romney. Especially where being fiscally responsible is concerned. I sincerely doubt that very many who would have considered voting for Obama would opt to vote for Paul. Just because most who have considered voting for Obama have a more liberal stance on most issues anyway. I would absolutely welcome Paul to continue his bid for the Presidency. It will make for an easier win for Obama.
The Boss - 5/17/12 @ 8:29 PM: Ally | Side B
Out of curiosity what about the anti-war and anti-Guantanamo portion of the democrat party? They certainly would welcome Dr. Paul's stance on foreign and constitutional policy (Regards to indefinite imprisonment and the constitutionality of Guantanamo Bay). Although this would still pale in comparison to the votes taken from Romney.
LIBERAL - 5/18/12 @ 8:38 PM: Ally | Side B
Well Ryan. You have to consider that so far Obama has only agreed to portions of the NDAA/AUMF in order to get the military the budget they needed. Not because he's a war-monger. All laws concerning due process of law were enacted during the Bush Presidency and Patriot Act. Congress simply allowed for those laws to continue, and President Obama signed them simply to fund our military abroad due to the fact that taking those inclusions out would have only delayed military funding. I don't like that he had to do that in order to get the funding either, but sometimes a President has to make compromises. Most democrats are smart enough to realize the reasons behind his decisions and will make their choices based on the facts. I just don't see many Obama supporters fleeing to the Paul side for something they know he didn't have much of a chance of changing any way. At least none of the democrats I've met and discussed issues like this seem willing to side with Paul or Romney. I'm confident of a winning Obama ticket this year.

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The Boss - 5/16/12 @ 10:15 PM:
While I do believe he would take a significant amount of votes from both candidates I do think Romney would lose more to him that would Obama. Any one else have any thoughts on the matter?
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