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AT&T with Luke Wilson Ads Win

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Which Ad campaign is more effective in your opinion? Verizon Maps vs. Luke Wilson and AT&T.


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 2/23/10

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TattedAngel - 3/12/10 @ 11:56 PM:
Plain and simple answer here...I like Luke Wilson! lol

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grffnbllrd - 2/27/10 @ 10:40 PM:
i just like the guy in the guy in the AT&T comercials.
( '_' ) have a cookie.
(> )> @

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Jeff - 2/25/10 @ 8:56 PM:
Heck I don't even know what we have but I like the Verizon one much better.

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mama kaz - 2/25/10 @ 11:45 AM:
I had AT&T and now have Verizon because the coverage under AT&T only exists in or around cities. Every time I went on vacation I might as well have left my phone and laptop home because they were both useless most of the time. AT&T may have faster internet but what good does it do you if it doesn't work anywhere? I love Verizon and I think their maps are accurate and worth a thousand words.

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The Boss - 2/23/10 @ 5:53 PM:
The very minute that AT&T responded to Verizons coverage map ad with the absence of a claim that the map comparison was untrue was the beginning of a losing battle. The numerous Luke Wilson Ad's have consistently left me shaking my head asking WTF is AT&T thinking? Do they really think anyone is buying the BS they're shoveling?

Frankly, AT&T shouldn't have even responded. That way the consumers wouldn't really know where or not the Verizon ads were truthful but instead they've validated them. Great Work AT&T! From personal experience, AT&T has been falling apart for years now and it looks like they're staying consistent once again.
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