The NFL Will Play On Next Season

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Strike Will Occur - Sadly No NFL

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Contracts are expiring with the owners and players unions bickering. Will there be a lockout or will it be Game On?


Posted by in Sports / Football on 2/09/10

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bill72 - 7/16/11 @ 6:29 PM:
I don't care what happens, but they need to quit fighting so i can watch some football

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mama kaz - 2/17/10 @ 10:09 AM:
I am hopeful that they will not be stupid enough to make high demands. I need football to distract me from all the crap going on in the world right now.

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Jeff - 2/10/10 @ 9:10 PM:
You know this has happened before and they just get a bunch of out of work wanna be's and keep right on playing until the strike is over and out they go.You know what I would would do I would tell those who strike that they can wait till next season because these guys still have their hearts on the game and their heads not in it for the money simple as that and if they dont like it too bad.
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