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A New Jersey town has made it illegal to text and walk claiming there were 20 pedestrians hit by motor vehicles in their town. Is this another revenue maker like red light and speed cameras or is the city simply addressing a problem.


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 5/12/12
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Side B Comment

TattedAngel - 5/25/12 @ 11:59 AM:
Being accident prone, I can see fining people for texting and walking in public. You get somebody into texting, they walk out in the street. Next thing you know a family is dead because a car swirved to avoid hitting the person. Or a zillion dollar car has damage because they hit somebody and a family is crush because their son/daughter/grandchild/neice/nephew is dead and they sue the person with the zillion dollar car then get called money hungry cuz they don't know it was their family member's fault. I can see it being a problem that would need addressed myself. There is nothing wrong with pausing, text, then start walking again. It saves people being angry because of you being rude (you can't notice your surroundings if you are focused on a phone), and saves injury/death...and in the end saves money. This being said by a text addict, so it's not that I am against texting by any means. I just don't agree with putting other's in danger to do so.

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Sarah Forester - 5/12/12 @ 8:46 AM:
I am glad I stopped and read the description prior to voting. I was immediately going to vote that it is a legitimate safety concern when i thought it was driving and texting, but walking and texting, please! The only life you may or may not be putting in danger is your own. I would vote for fines while texting and driving but that would just be so hard to enforce.
LIBERAL - 5/13/12 @ 1:37 PM: Ally | Side A
I had to read the entire comment myself. I also thought it was texting while driving, but caught the comment before I sided with revenue. This really is ridiculous. Texting while walking. All I have to say on this matter is that if you are texting while walking across a pedestrian crosswalk then you deserve what you get. I hate to say that, but it's just the truth of the matter. Do you text at a shooting range? Do pilots text while landing a plane? NO! Pay attention to what you're doing!! Crossing a street requires that you look both ways even if the WALK sign is green! It's common sense people. Placing a fine on people for doing so does not deter those from doing stupid things. It is simply another means for creating revenue. I cannot express in words just how ridiculous this is. Of all the matters that should be discussed and implemented by your elected officials "Texting while walking" is not a priority!

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/12/12 @ 8:42 AM:
Here's a link to the article: article
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