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Teens Should Be Excluded From List

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In Tennessee lawmakers are attempting to add Teenagers to a public sex offender list. Would you support this?


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 4/05/10
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  1. Tomegun (1 votes)
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Tomegun - 4/6/10 @ 1:15 PM:
Isn't a teenage sex offender still a criminal? So someone commits a crime like this and we are supposed to care if they are put on a humiliating path? That is one of our problems in America.
LIBERAL - 4/6/10 @ 5:16 PM: Ally | Side A
I have to agree with Tomegun. A sex offender is a sex offender. Why should we care how it makes a criminal feel? Why would it discourage them from getting treatment? Treatment should be forced upon a sexual predator in the same manner they forced themselves upon their victims. Punishment is a deterrent for the crime itself. I believe in this. Why should we just give these people a slap on the wrist and make room for the very same type of behavior to be allowed again? I hope it humiliates the hell out of them. Post their pictures online, in the newspaper, on the t.v. for all I care. As long as those they live around are made aware of the fact that they may be living in the vicinity of a sex offender then they can better protect their children. Isn't that what this is all about? Helping to protect those that can't protect themselves?
cutie122403 - 4/6/10 @ 9:46 PM: Ally | Side A

Side A Comment

The Boss - 4/5/10 @ 6:11 PM:
From the following article:

"By Clay Carey, The Tennessean

State lawmakers may create a new online registry that would publicize the names and addresses of teenagers who commit violent sex crimes.

Supporters say it gives parents another layer of protection from predators who target children, but opponents say putting children on a public sex offender registry could stigmatize them and discourage them from seeking treatment. Mental health experts worry that it could put the teens on a humiliating path, leading them to commit more crime.

Some teen sex offenders could remain on the registry for 25 years. "

Link to the article: http://www.wbir.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=117649&catid=2

And yes, the image on the left is a actual sex offender in our neck of the woods.
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