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Which Olympic sport do you enjoy watching more?

Posted by in World / Olympics on 8/18/08
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LIBERAL - 8/29/12 @ 4:20 AM:
I just think the gymnastics requires far more athleticism, concentration, and grace.

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AugTheCnqror - 4/13/09 @ 4:03 PM:
gymnastics because they mix it up, you got bar, rings, uneavens, pummle horse, some floor performance thing, and that platform jump thing. Swimming is just swimming laps, and some times they have to swim more laps than before...o boy!

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Jeff - 1/3/09 @ 3:00 AM:
Swimming is like watching fish,gymnastics much more skilled needed.

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cutie122403 - 8/22/08 @ 5:34 PM:
I have to admit I really enjoy the gymnastics. I don't care much for the swimming, sorry.
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