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Intel is reportedly working on a project that would allow consumers to purchase television channels A La Carte using their hardware. Similar in nature to Roku or Apple TV but with a different offering. A La Carte or Package deal for you?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 1/02/13
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Tim Donk - 2/8/13 @ 9:41 PM:
I remember when this was in the forefront a several years ago, part of the "Problem" was all the religious channels started crying that they couldn't survive that kind of competition. That was the only objection I ever heard in regard to the "A La Carte" issue.

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The Boss - 1/2/13 @ 7:42 PM:
Let's be honest folks, there are about six or seven channels I actually watch on our stripped down package. I would gladly pay $5 or so per channel and be rid of the home shopping network and disgustingly liberal MSNBC's of my current package.

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