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Not a Good Choice for Late Show

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CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will be replacing David Letterman on the Late Show to rival Jimmy Fallon. Is this a good pick or should they have picked someone else?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 4/10/14
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randja - 4/14/14 @ 11:18 AM:
I never watch the idiot he is replacing and I wont be watching this liberal POS. colbert is a @!?%@ with socialist opinions, he will fail

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Numero Uno - 4/10/14 @ 6:21 PM:
Colbert is the Man!

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The Boss - 4/10/14 @ 5:41 PM:
While I can't agree with it being a great pick I do think if they are after ratings he is a solid choice. I'm not a big fan of his or his liberal clone Jon Stewart but he'll likely do a good job and keeping Fallon from bogarting all of the ratings.
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