Spam in a Can is More Disgusting

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Spam in my Inbox is More Disgusting

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Which form of SPAM is more aggravating, disgusting, and just plain nasty? SPAM in a can or SPAM on the internet?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 3/27/10
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  1. LIBERAL (1 votes)
  1. Jeff (1 votes)
  1. mama kaz (1 votes)
  1. cutie122403 (1 votes)

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Side A Comment

IMac G-four - 3/31/14 @ 8:54 PM:
Spam in a can. Eewwww!

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 4/2/10 @ 1:01 PM:
Well this was easy!! While I can simply ignore Spam in a can I cannot ignore the hundreds of daily spams I have to end up filtering through and deleting in order to find the emails I genuinely wish to receive. They are nothing more than a waste of time and effort. I understand companies have to advertise, but seriously, do it the right way. Post your advertisements on web pages like most organizations. Quit sending me useless emails and alerts for everything under the sun I have no desire or need for in this life. And that includes you too Cialis. If I begin having any troubles down there you'll be the first to know!!

Side B Comment

Jeff - 3/29/10 @ 5:51 PM:
I hate them both but I can eat SPAM if I need too and I have had too.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 3/29/10 @ 12:29 AM:
I've got some spam in my supply closet and if I get hungry I can eat that. Spam in my mailbox is annoying and I can't eat that so it's useless.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 3/28/10 @ 7:40 PM:
People seriously need to get a life! You are telling me that all you have to do is sit in front of a computer and try to ruin other people's lives. What a waste of a life.
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