Simon of Peraea was the First Messiah

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Jesus Christ was the First Messiah

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Just watched a show and thought it would make a good rivalary,


Posted by in Other / Religion on 11/21/10

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Tim Donk - 2/8/13 @ 8:53 PM:
I guess I'll look for newer fights :~)

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Olivia Newton - 11/29/10 @ 8:58 AM:
In college I wrote a paper about this very subject, and after doing some research I found that Jesus' death was preceded by thirteen other martyrs who were allegedly born of virgin mothers, crucified, and rose on the 3rd day. I have no idea where Simon of Peraea fit into this group, but I do know that Jesus' alleged miraculous resurrection was not the first.

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Jeff - 11/21/10 @ 5:47 PM:
Thanks for posting some more info my friend!
The Boss - 11/21/10 @ 7:07 PM: Ally | Side B
No problem Jeff. Great idea for the rivalry!

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The Boss - 11/21/10 @ 5:34 PM:
Excerpt from Wikipedia:

A tablet, known as the Gabriel's Revelation or The Jeselsohn Stone, was likely found near the Dead Sea some time around the year 2000. It has been associated with the same community which created the Dead Sea scrolls and mentions Simon. Israel Knohl reads the inscription as a command from the angel Gabriel "to rise from the dead within three days". He takes this command to be directed at a 1st century Jewish rebel called Simon, who was killed by the Romans in 4 BC. In Knohl's view the finding "calls for a complete reassessment of all previous scholarship on the subject of messianism, Jewish and Christian alike".

In 2009 the National Geographic Channel aired The First Jesus? which addressed the claims and controversy. Source:

Here's a video on Simon of Peraea

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Jeff - 11/21/10 @ 4:10 PM:
Here's some of the info
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