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With much speculation this week on whom Republican nominee Mitt Romney will choose as his running mate, which one would your prefer to see on the ticket this fall?

Posted by in Politics / Candidates on 7/15/12
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The Boss - 7/15/12 @ 8:20 PM: Validated Ego
I would much prefer a Rand Paul or Allen West to either of these potential VP's. There are a number of reasons why both would be good choices as well as plenty of negatives for both too. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if Romney doesn't find a way to rally the conservative Republicans he's going to be in trouble. Neither of these candidates increase my excitement for his candidacy.
LIBERAL - 7/15/12 @ 8:31 PM: Ally | Side A
Well, while I actually agree with you on the subject of increasing excitement about the ticket with either of these possible running mates, I have to say I do not understand your preference of Allen West. I do NOT like him in the least. I can understand why you chose Rand Paul, but Allen West? Really? I commend him for his service in our military, but I absolutely abhor his political tenure thus far. He represents everything on the far right-wing that I oppose. That's just my opinion. My reason for hoping Condoleezza Rice should be quite obvious. She is mired by quite of bit of controversy during her own tenure as Secretary of State. Specifically the dealings with information gathering prior to the Iraq war, but even better is the image of her as a remnant of a total and complete failure of an administration.

I am curious why you like Allen West for a prospect.
The Boss - 7/15/12 @ 8:53 PM: Ally | Side A
Simple answer, likely the very reason you dislike him. Prior to him getting elected I closely followed his campaign, watched numerous speeches, and a majority of what he has had to say I've strongly agreed with. He like Obama is a very intelligent man and like me disagrees with Obama that government is the answer to everything. In fact the government is incompetent in a majority of what it does.

Recently I heard he voted for NDAA and that is not acceptable so I would obviously further research his record prior to casting a vote for the ticket. I've been so involved with web development lately that I haven't been able to closely monitor political activity like I did prior to the last election so there are certainly things that would change my mind. However, as you mentioned the man is a patriot; certainly not a draft dodger. (That's not implying anyone else is)

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 7/15/12 @ 8:06 PM:
I obviously have my reasons for why I would like to see Romney choose Condoleezza Rice instead of Governor Bob McDonnell. I will state them later, but am curious to see what others think of these potential Vice Presidential running mate picks.
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