Safety Doesn’t Matter,Its all Revenue

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Tickets are Written for Public Safety

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Traffic cops do one thing VERY well; write tickets! Some small towns are particularly bad for this. Etowah and Englewood, TN are two shitty little towns where writing tickets is all the cops seem to do. Is this about safety or revenue?


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 2/03/12
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Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 2/14/12 @ 12:24 PM:
All about revenue baby! I drive through these crap towns every day. They are not concerned about safety. I was pulled over twice in two weeks in both towns and was not speeding either time! They are truly getting revenue for the towns. I know a cop that sits at the beginning of the town where i work and he sits there his entire shift. Tell me thats for safety?! Think not...

Side A Comment

TNinfidel - 2/6/12 @ 3:07 PM:
Yes, it is all about revenue. It is a tax of sorts. If they really wanted people to stop speeding they would make them do community service.

These corrupt governments are to addicted to milking the populace for every penny they can get for that to change I'm afraid.

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Jeff - 2/4/12 @ 8:18 PM:
so true Ryan it makes no sence and I believe it is all about the Revenue.

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 2/4/12 @ 7:33 PM:
Well, I'm not sure about Tennessee, but in Texas we have the same instance where there are differing speed limits on either side of the roadway, but for very good reasons. I would think the same reasoning would apply to Tennessee as well. A speed limit is set differing on a decline/incline because of the very nature of the degree of the roadway. If it was a straight-a-way then I would call that into question. Sorry about her troubles though.
The Boss - 2/4/12 @ 9:37 PM: Rival | Side A
It was a straight away and no worries. A lot of better things we could do with a $130 though.

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 2/4/12 @ 6:14 PM:
Well I've chosen to remain neutral on this one for just a couple of reasons. While I honestly believe that police officers are told to meet a certain quota per month or year I'm pretty sure they would never admit it publicly. On the other hand I also believe that if a person didn't want to be issued a citation they would follow the speed limit and all other traffic laws. Not to put too fine a point on it they are a necessary evil. This issue seems to have you pretty riled up. Did you receive a ticket? If so what was it for? Have you considered contesting it in court? Just curious.
The Boss - 2/4/12 @ 7:00 PM: Rival | Side A
Not me, Crystal.

She got a speeding ticket when she first started working in Benton which she swore up and down wasn't accurate based on where she was cited due to it being a different speed zone than the officer stated. However, she didn't contest that one.

More recently she was pulled over due to expired tags and she didn't have the current proof of insurance. She went to court and provided both the proof of insurance as well as the registration. The court dropped the tickets but assessed the scam that is court costs. Typically with very minor citations like the ones she received courts will dismiss all charges and fees if the items are corrected. Not in the #?*@$! little town of Etowah, Tennessee. The town is an absolute speed trap sucking in revenue through speeding tickets and apparently court costs.

This town has speed limits that not only jump up and down repeatedly from 25mph to 55mph they also have stretches of road that have different speed limits for each direction of traffic which in my opinion should be against the law.
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