Returns Should Exceed Contributions

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Returns Shouldn’t Exceed That Paid

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Regardless of race, age, sex, or any other variable; In the USA should anyone receive more money than they paid in taxes


Posted by in Politics / Other on 3/12/10

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The Boss - 4/17/10 @ 8:09 AM:

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mama kaz - 3/22/10 @ 9:31 AM:
John and I are considered poverty level but we always have to pay more taxes at tax time. In the 35 years we've been married we have only gotten money back two times. This year will be worse because of the extra money that was not withheld this year. (Thanks for nothing Obama!) I think we need the fair tax where we all pay as we go and are taxed based on what we spend. That way, instead of hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to make sure we all buy health insurance or climb on the govt gravy train, we would only need a handful.

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Sarah Forester - 3/17/10 @ 9:04 PM:
my return is more than my contributions. I wont apologize. Corey and I are raising 3 kids and this is the only time of year there is extra money for anything..I dont get food stamps, tenncare or any other government assistance. =)
The Boss - 4/17/10 @ 8:16 AM: Rival | Side B
I love you dear Sis....that's where the but comes in.

At what point did it become the tax payers responsibility to assist in raising children? The money that is given to you and 40% of all Americans that exceeds contributions is coming from somewhere. As our country heads toward a 20 trillion (In the next ten years) national debt I do have a problem with ANYONE (even family) getting more than they pay in. We should ALL contribute to the function of our country and government. (Government should be VERY small but you get my point)

As we're looking at having our fist child I have asked myself; do we deserve (Or anyone for that matter) a massive tax credit for having one? Isn't that the equivalent of being paid to procreate? The problem is if a chunk of cash is sitting there waiting for you to legally take no one is going to turn it down; including me. Now the only thing I would add that differs me from most other people is the fact that I wouldn't be irate if they took the tax credits away to pay the debt down but if they took it away to fund some other social handout I would be. No citizen should be paid to procreate or exist.

Again I love you sis but I have to be honest with you.

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Tomegun - 3/16/10 @ 3:07 PM:
Something we can agree on! "...Land of the free, and the home..." Something I haven't agreed with for a long time. We are penalized for being somewhat successful while others are rewarded for being irresponsible (in some cases at least).
The Boss - 3/16/10 @ 6:00 PM: Ally | Side B
Tom, I've been waiting for this day.(To agree on something). Our system really is setup to motivate laziness and punish hard work.

As soon as I find the time I'm going to write a blog post on this topic. When you do the math it's very upsetting.

I know of an example(We'll say hypothetical) where the individual is in school (A good thing)but everything is paid for, including books. In addition to that there is extra money left over after they pay for tuition and books which they spend anyway they like. (Not what I'd call checks and balances)

This person also collects food stamps. I just checked and a family of four can get $668 a month in food stamps. $668 x 12= $8,016 a year.

It goes much deeper but I'll conclude with, this individual probably pays into income tax around $900 or so dollars and received over $6,000 on their return. That in itself is extreme but when you add in the amount of tax payer funded benefits they receive we are paying these people to stay below the poverty line and paying them very well.

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The Boss - 3/12/10 @ 10:09 PM:
I will be writing a blog post on this very topic soon. I for one am absolutely disgusted that the taxes I pay out are funding tax returns for those who have paid nothing.

Realistically taxes have to be paid to fund the function of government but if it was possible I'd prefer no one pay taxes; however I am sick to my stomach that some of us hard working Americans pay for the tax returns of millions who provide NOTHING. YES NOTHING. This isn't a new development but is elevating to new levels.

Here's the question I have for those leaches; Do you feel entitled to that money? Most of you do but why? I don't expect you simple minded fools to comprehend the legal fraud you're committing but my venting will help secure your safety.
cutie122403 - 3/13/10 @ 11:09 PM: Ally | Side B
I completely agree. This whole issue makes me want to throw up. I pay SO much into taxes and don't get as much back as some that pay nothing in. Our entire system is disgusting.
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