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Not Always an Option. Two pages is Ok

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I’ve heard it both ways but the reality is that sometimes there is entirely too much information to fit it in a one page resume. What do you think, is two pages or more for a resume a deal breaker or a direct path to the paper shredder?


Posted by in Business / Economy on 6/10/11
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Side B Comment

Judy Kavalick - 6/17/11 @ 2:54 PM:
If you have lots of experience or education, it may take more than one page.

Side B Comment

gonzo - 6/14/11 @ 9:14 AM:
After my time in the military and all the different jobs ive had here alone i think i can fill one page per enlistment. All my awesome wont fit on just one page.

Side A Comment

TNinfidel - 6/13/11 @ 7:53 PM:
Less is more. ;)

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 6/10/11 @ 8:13 PM:
I'm taking a middle ground on this one because I think it's acceptable to have two pages of information as long as you don't force the prospective employer to navigate to a second piece of paper. Meaning, if you print on the back side of one page with a prompt to turn to the other side. Am I wrong? Let me know.
cutie122403 - 6/10/11 @ 11:16 PM: Ally | Neutral
I agree with you. I think it is ok to have two pages as well. One pages is probably preferable because it takes less time to look at and sometimes looks neater. I guess it also depends on how you put the two pages together....stapled, etc.
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