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Well, now that the nominees are pretty much spoken for, who do you think deserves to be the next President of the United States? Explain why?

Posted by in Politics / Elections on 6/17/12
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Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 6/28/12 @ 2:34 PM:
Obama has done nothing to prove himself. I pray to god that he is not re-elected. Romney would not be my first choice but I want Obama out of office!
LIBERAL - 6/28/12 @ 7:26 PM: Rival | Side A
Now, Crystal, really? I don't expect you to vote for Barack Obama, but to say he's done nothing to prove himself isn't fair. He's accomplished quite a bit so far. I can go down the list, but it would take a while. I can understand why you're not happy with your choice either, but you would seriously vote for Romney? Why?
cutie122403 - 7/13/12 @ 10:29 PM: Ally | Side B
Well, I never said I wanted to vote for Romney but if I had to I would choose him over Obama. If Obama stays in office he is going to continue to do more harm. Oh yeah Obama has accomplished quite a bit alright, he's done a lot of damage.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 6/17/12 @ 6:08 AM: Validated Ego
I'm not sure anyone really deserves to be president. I can tell you Barack Obama deserves to be removed from power as did George Bush as it's obvious neither one of them respect the constitution.

With that being said I have a very difficult decision to make in a few months, do I make a statement and vote for who I'd truly like to see in office even though he will not likely win or do I vote for someone I don't really like to keep a horrendous president from getting a second term? I don't know as of right now, it will take a lot of research and thought to make this decision.
LIBERAL - 6/24/12 @ 4:37 PM: Rival | Side A
I want to put this question out there for anyone to answer. I want someone on here to explain to me why I should dump Obama and vote for Mitt Romney. Honestly, don't give me anybody's pragmatic political views on why voting for the lesser of two evils means still voting for an evil crap. Personally, I will be voting for either Obama or Romney simply because I want my vote to actually count. All of you can spew out your views about idealogies and such, but I refuse to cast a vote I know will not make a difference. We all know that the next President of the United States will either be Romney or Obama. No one else has a snowball's chance in HELL.

So, go ahead JealousBrother, explain why I should consider voting for Mitt Romney. This is not sarcasm. I am sincerely not being the least bit pedantic in my attempt to attract your comments. I truly want to know why any of you believe I should vote for this man. Honestly, I could change my mind, though I admit it would take a lot. I am an open-minded person. Try me.
LIBERAL - 6/24/12 @ 4:50 PM: Rival | Side A
Oh, and by the way, I did not ask for a bunch of Obama bashing. I don't care to hear everyone's comments on why I shouldn't vote for President Obama. I am asking for those of you who wish to respond to tell my why you believe I should vote for Mitt Romney.
The Boss - 6/24/12 @ 8:36 PM: Ally | Neutral
I don't have time to put a response together tonight but will certainly do so after work tomorrow.
The Boss - 6/25/12 @ 5:22 PM: Ally | Neutral
There are a couple of problems; first, it's tough to persuade someone to vote for a candidate I'm not convinced I'm going to vote for. If I was enthusiastically impressed with Romney I would offer up a number of reasons to change your mind but I'm not so I won't.

The bottom line is that from what I know about your political beliefs, there is no reason you should change your vote. Simply put, you see nothing wrong with a majority of what President Obama has done (Making an assumption based on past comments and posts on Facebook) and therefore you would likely be very pleased with what he would accomplish being unrestrained from having to run for re-election in a second term.

I on the other hand despise most of what he believes in, how he views America, how he views the private sector, how he views the role of government, and so on. So needless to say I will likely be forced to vote for Romney not because I want to but because an unrestricted President Obama scares the living #?% out of me. As you said, you want your vote to count, as do I but I also want to vote my heart so I am still torn on what to do with the one certainty being that President Obama will not be receiving my vote.

I hope this response isn't taken as sarcastic as I'm being very sincere.

I guess I can offer this one political opinion tidbit; Romney is Obama light who is riding the political conservative train in an attempt to win the presidency. If you want a President who is similar to the current President with some private sector experience then Romney is your guy. Sarcasm implied. ;)
LIBERAL - 6/25/12 @ 7:22 PM: Rival | Side A
Ryan, and only Ryan, please tell me why you wouldn't vote for Obama. Please be specific. I really want to know. I am not being the least bit sarcastic. Tell me exactly what you believe about Obama's policies and beliefs. Why are his ideas and positions so detrimental to the American society?
The Boss - 6/28/12 @ 7:22 PM: Ally | Neutral
1.) Fiscal disregard
a.) I’d say he’s incompetent but that would untrue because it’s all calculated and intentional.
b.) I wouldn’t trust Obama with my beer budget.
c.) Bailouts
d.) Hasn’t demanded an actual budget be passed.
2.) Role of Government
a.) Nanny Nation
b.) Economic Role
c.) Job Creation Concept
d.) Obamacare
e.) Purchasing Auto companies to prevent Union hardship and handing ownership over to the unions after stripping private share holders.
3.) Politics as Usual (Campaigned on a different Concept)
a.) Demonizing of Opposition
b.) Racially Selective Bias (Black Panther, Cambridge Incident)
c.) Backroom Deals (Obamacare)
d.) Special Interest Influence
e.) Television Celebrity (Views himself as a celeb.)
f.) Executive Orders
g.) Executive Privilege
4.) Social Policy
a.) Extension of Unemployment Benefits.
b.) Record numbers of people on Food Stamps
c.) Obamacare
d.) Contraception Rule
e.) Toying with Gays
5.) Anti Free Market
a.) Refused to speak with BP ceo during oil spill crisis
b.) Bailed out GM instead of letting bankruptcy run it’s course.
c.) Financial Reform did more harm than good. Just try and find a credit card with a fixed rate under 15%.
I’m sure I could go on but other than that I don’t like the man or his history.
LIBERAL - 6/28/12 @ 7:38 PM: Rival | Side A
With only a few exceptions Ryan I applaud Obama for everything you listed. The only things you mentioned that didn't make since to me were the economic, gay issues, and racial issues. The Wall Street Journal and CBO showed that Obama's spending has been the lowest in his first four years than any other President since before Reagan. I don't see why you think he's toying with the LGBT community. It's about time he made a decision on the matter. I'm glad he came out in favor of it. As far as the racial issues are concerned... ...I'm not concerned by them. They are the least of my worries. On the economic front he has done quite a bit so far to boost the economy and has plans to help the housing market soon. I would have liked to have seen Congress work with him on unemployment and the economy, but that's the fault of bi-partisan politics in the Capitol building. If they truly wanted to help America get back on track they would, but all they can think about is making Obama look as bad as possible. It is an election year.

All of the other issues you mentioned are important, but just seem minor to me. I think we should consider other priorities. Thank you for your time though. I am considering it, but honestly, I haven't seen much in the way of a reason NOT to vote for him this fall. By that I mean voting for Romney. There's just nothing to prove to me that Romney's policies will not mirror most of Obama's or that they might be better.

The Boss - 6/28/12 @ 8:02 PM: Ally | Neutral
You're welcome, been very busy or I would have responded sooner.

LGBT: What I'm referring to is that his support is purely political in that he could have supported the community long before now and the timing is obvious; that's all.

Racial issue: I don't see this as a minor thing but respect your opinion. For kicks and giggles though, what would have happened if those were tea party members intimidating people at the voting precinct?

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 6/17/12 @ 3:20 AM:
Please pay attention to the description. I would like a discussion on who you believe DESERVES to be the next President of the United States and why. This is not a discussion on who you believe will win. At this point Ron Paul is still a candidate for President so if you believe he should be the next President please join the neutral side. Either way please leave an explanation for your choice.

I realize that none of the candidates with the exception of the Incumbent has a running mate. This is purely on the basis of the three men mentioned above. I don't mind if you state who you believe WILL win as long as you state your reasons for choosing the candidate you believe deserves the presidency.
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