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Should we prepare for military intervention against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime or simply continue U.S. sanctions and humanitarian aid to civilian areas?

Posted by in World / Conflicts on 7/26/12
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DollyFan - 8/2/12 @ 8:29 PM:
We just can't be everywhere! There are many atrocities and evil leaders in many countries but our country can not send troops to all, nor can we afford it. We try our best to help but we have to admit that we can't take care of the whole world. It's sad but it's true.

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Sarah Forester - 7/27/12 @ 9:15 PM:
this is all vaguely familiar!

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The Boss - 7/26/12 @ 9:17 PM:
I could spout off any number of reasons for why we shouldn't get involved but one reason trumps all others. We are nearly 16 trillion dollars in debt and can't afford it nor can we pretend that we can afford the wars we're already involved with.
LIBERAL - 7/26/12 @ 9:43 PM: Ally | Side B
That is the ONLY reason I agree Ryan. We just cannot afford another costly war. That being said, what Assad and his regime are guilty of is despicable. He is a tyrant and dictator. I don't care what official title he holds (President), this man rules this country with an iron fist. When a President of a country has the right to amend their Constitution without any checks and balances like a unicameral or bicameral legislation's approval that is all I need to know to call this man a tyrant. The atrocities being reported out of the city of Aleppo and others are horrific. Some are so awful I just won't even mention them.

I will call SHAME on President Putin of the Russian Federation for his flagrant approval of this regime by sending attack helicopters and other military weapons in order to combat the FSA. Honestly, if the United States economy were more stable I would have no problem switching sides. This man needs to be removed from office and tried for crimes against humanity!!
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