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A lot of movies are being released in 3d versions nowadays so movie goers have options. If you’re willing to shell out a couple more bucks you get to sport some goofy glasses and see it in 3d. Which is the better cinema experience?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 5/25/12
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LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 1:22 PM:
Most movies I tend to see are not filmed for a 3D experience. The few that I do see that are I agree with cutie on as far as it being annoying wearing glasses over glasses. It's just plain irritating after watching less than half the movie. It's cool, but no less an experience really than seeing it in the regular digital form.

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cutie122403 - 6/13/12 @ 5:44 PM:
I do like the 3d movies but it does hurt your eyes a little when you wear glasses plus its annoying because you have to wear them over your glasses.

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Sarah Forester - 6/7/12 @ 9:24 PM:
all alone over here, my headaches and I. =(

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Jeff - 6/7/12 @ 7:34 PM:
I love 3D I saw Thor in 3D but missed the Avengers in 3D but was still damn awesome!

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The Boss - 5/25/12 @ 5:17 PM:
Avengers in 3d was pretty damn awesome. So was the Dark Knight, and Avatar for that matter.
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