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Doing What you Love is Worth Pay Cut

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Most large corporations tend to look at their workforce as numbers and not individuals. While these jobs may pay well, is it worth it to stay in a job where you’re not valued or should a pay cut be considered to do what you love?


Posted by in Other / Living on 3/30/12
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cutie122403 - 5/1/12 @ 10:23 PM:
I'm loving the hours that I'm working now. I have so much more time with my baby girl! I missed out on so much time when I worked at my old job. I'm working 30 hours less and sooo much less stress!

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cutie122403 - 4/9/12 @ 9:39 AM:
Benefits and a good paying job is important but if you are not doing what you love to do then it isn't worth the pay and benefits. Money does not bring happiness, thats for sure! A lot of people settle for more pay but are never happy, plus more money a lot of the time means more responsibility and you loose all kinds of time with family and friends.

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Jeff - 3/31/12 @ 9:29 PM:
Oh I know all too well what it is to be number and have no worth on a job,when you give them you're all everyday and they tell you if you're giving 100% its not enough we need 110% we want 12 hours of work in 8 hours and then they fire you cause you cant get to the 110%

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Numero Uno - 3/30/12 @ 4:27 PM:
Why live your life being only moderately happy?
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