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Whats the most effective type of education? Online or Local.


Posted by in Other / Education on 11/20/08
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J - 5/18/09 @ 11:16 PM:
When you work full time it's hard to go back to school after you start making enough to support yourself. The only way I would be able to go is online courses. But in all fairness,neither way is easy when you work full time.

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Tomegun - 11/30/08 @ 9:08 PM:
People who criticize online education should realize something: there are your Harvards, Princetons, etc. and there is everyone else. Simply for convenience, online gets the nod. It is all about the money and piece of paper anyway.

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cutie122403 - 11/25/08 @ 10:58 PM:
I think you need to be a really motivated person in order to do the online schooling.

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/24/08 @ 9:28 AM:
I absolutely hate "going" to0 school but I don't think in general people have the personal motivation to pull off the online college thing.

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cutie122403 - 11/21/08 @ 12:27 AM:
I think the online campuses are great in this day and time. It's great for people who have busy lives yet still want an education.

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The Boss - 11/20/08 @ 2:06 PM:
Online campuses are more convenient and about the only way someone who works full time can go to college.
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