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Bad Idea. No Tax Break for Athletes

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Senator Marco Rubio proposed legislation that would exclude Olympic Medal winning athletes from having to pay taxes on the metals and monetary winnings. Do our Olympic Athletes deserve these tax breaks or is it unnecessary?


Posted by in World / Olympics on 8/05/12
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LIBERAL - 8/29/12 @ 4:08 AM:
Really doesn't matter to me. I wouldn't be upset if they did get a tax break where this is concerned, but at the same time I think we should spend more of an effort in other areas of tax increases and decreases than this particular subject.

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DollyFan - 8/6/12 @ 8:36 AM:
I agree that they should get a tax break. That tax break should only be on their Olympic winnings and medals, though. They have spent a LOT of time and money to prove our country has the best athletes and they deserve a break for that. As for them receiving sponsorships and advertising deals, those EARNINGS are just like my earnings, so should be taxed just like mine are. I respect their commitment to being the best and joining the US Olympics.

I agree with Ryan in that our service men and women should get a limited time tax break when they return from a tour. It's the least we could do for those who fight to protect us and others on our behalf around the world. I know they signed up for the job but do think such a decision would be wise. I respect their commitment to fight for our freedom and protection.
The Boss - 8/6/12 @ 8:55 AM: Ally | Side A
I do believe you put it much better than I did. I completely agree.

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The Boss - 8/5/12 @ 9:07 PM:
Now let me say one thing first. Athletes that receive HUGE (and I do mean HUGE) sponsor/advertising (Phelps for example) deals should be excluded from this tax break but there are plenty of Olympic athletes that could certainly use a break and are probably deserving of one. There are plenty of athletes who invest a tremendous amount of money into their training and devote a lot of their life to becoming the best at what they do.

However, while I would support this to a limited degree I also think soldiers who serve in war zones should receive massive tax breaks at least in the short term after coming back home; that's the least we could do.
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