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What do you think will happen in Congress if Obama is re-elected? Will House and Senate Republicans work with Obama to fix what's wrong with our economy and unemployment? Or will they force four more years of a political stalemate?


Posted by in Politics / Parties on 8/29/12
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mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 7:50 PM:
There is only one way to fix this. Stop spending and make the hard cuts all the way around. Obama will not stop spending because his top priority is Obamacare and it is going to require a lot more spending and taxation in order to be fully implemented. The middle class will be sacrificed to help the lower class. Both parties are too worried about being reelected to stand up and do what's right for America. I don't think another election will change that regardless of the outcome.

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LIBERAL - 8/29/12 @ 2:57 AM:
I sincerely hope President Barack Obama is re-elected, but let's say for now hypothetically that it is January 20th, 2013. Barack Obama is reciting the oath of office once again. What now? Will House and Senate Republicans work with Obama to find a solution to our national debt, unemployment, and economic woes? Should they? Or will they refuse to work with Democrats and Obama out of spite or simply to prove their beliefs. Will American jobs and the economy be the ultimate price that is paid for both party's unwilling nature? I personally would hope that President Obama would be willing to work with Republicans and make a compromise that would benefit us all. The sad thing is that while I believe Democrats would be willing to compromise I feel that many Republicans would not. How will we ever make any progression with this country's problems if we cannot learn to compromise? Aside from the bravery of our forefathers and their constitutional wisdom what made many of them such great men was their willingness to compromise for the better of the American people. Will President Obama and republicans rise to the challenge?
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