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Here’s the scenario: You work in a grocery store as a third party vendor and have witnessed an employee leaving the restroom without washing their hands over ten times. Do you keep it to yourself or should management be notified?


Posted by in Other / Strange on 11/16/10
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Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/4/12 @ 8:05 AM:
Right, it's not just when using the bathroom. I see people in food service who handle money or play with their hair or finger their ear, etc. wag your hands again! Or the guy who wears his cooking apron into the bathroom or outside to smoke or to take trash out to the dumpster. Um, put on a new apron!

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LIBERAL - 8/4/12 @ 12:33 AM:
That's just disgusting. Not to mention a health risk. Having worked in the food industry and as a Team Leader in Consumables I understand the importance of washing your hands, and not just after using the restroom. If people ever had to attend the classes I have for Food Certification and seen the demonstrations where food handling is concerned, they would notify management EVERY time. If that doesn't convince some, then just watch the movie Contagion. Of course, you'll probably never eat out again either. ;-)

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DollyFan - 8/3/12 @ 10:33 PM:
Don't understand those that leave without washing. Is it really that hard or time consuming? You really do not know what germs you have encountered while in the bathroom. Why leave to chance what you may be passing along.

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cutie122403 - 11/30/10 @ 9:42 AM:
Yeah this is definitely a problem. I hate when I go to the restroom and see people leaving the stall without washing their hands. It happens all the time! I'm a Store Manager and I would want to know if my employees were continuously leaving the restroom without washing there hands.

Side A Comment

Jeff - 11/20/10 @ 3:10 AM:
Oh yeah wash your hands geeze.
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