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Who's accomplishments are more significant? The most medals won or the oldest to medal and the most Olympics attended?


Posted by in Sports / Other on 8/11/08
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JRISAPUMA - 9/7/08 @ 8:35 PM:
I have to go with Michael Phelps. He's really accomplished a lot. Not to mention, he is one sexy man.

Side B Comment

CDA 455 - 8/16/08 @ 2:00 AM:
I only voted for Darra because she's hot!!
The Boss - 8/16/08 @ 6:56 AM: Rival | Side A
Fair enough.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/11/08 @ 10:31 PM:
Not to take anything away from Torres because she is amazing but Phelps is approaching God like status with his abilities.
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