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Which platform do you prefer? PC (Windows Based) or Mac (Mac OS Based)?


Posted by in Tech / Computers on 8/17/08

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aswank - 2/15/09 @ 6:16 PM:
I do a lot of music recording so I go for macs. The only good windows program for serious editing is Cakewalk Sonar 7 Producer edition, and it doesn't do that great of a job. Since I'm not a gamer then I don't have that much of a use for pcs, though I still own a dell running xp.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 12/9/08 @ 1:44 PM:
I honestly expected this to be a lot closer. Where are all of the MAC supporters?

Side B Comment

wundel - 9/3/08 @ 5:29 PM:
Macs: Nice expensive wrapping... But i hate it.

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mama kaz - 9/2/08 @ 9:21 AM:
I could never learn a new computer program. As my tech support guy could tell you, I'm electronically challenged.

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Sarah Forester - 8/25/08 @ 11:05 AM:
love my PC

Side B Comment

The Boss - 8/17/08 @ 10:14 PM:
I know I'm the odd ball now since Mac has become so popular but I'm still a pc guy, even with the wreck of an os Vista is.
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