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Three soldiers are being court-martialed for allegedly kicking or hitting a terrorist while in custody. Is this just?


Posted by in World / Conflicts on 4/21/10
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randja - 9/14/10 @ 3:29 AM:

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mama kaz - 5/2/10 @ 7:56 AM:
If waterboarding and other methods save American lives then I say do it. You can't win the war on terror by being polite and well mannered at all times. We are tying the hands of our soldiers and are heading in the direction of blindfolding them too. I agree that sometimes it goes across the line and that should not be allowed but the line is getting moved too far to the left in my opinion. War is not a @@!$% party. We need to either get serious and do whatever it takes, or bring all our soldiers home to protect our homeland. Since I don't think the war on terror will ever be won (based on the last 9 years) I vote for bringing them all home to protect us.

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LIBERAL - 4/22/10 @ 8:04 PM:
I believe in being behind our armed forces 100%, but that does not mean allowing them to do whatever they want just because others saw off heads, torture, and mutilate. You cross that line and there is no going back. I believe in fighting for a cause, fighting for freedom, but to lower ourselves to their level only makes us just as bad as them. We are supposed to be the shining example of what a nation should be. When you allow your men and women of the armed forces to commit these types of atrocities you make it okay for other nations. We are not animals! And shame on both of you for such a flagrant disregard for human decency. There is NEVER an excuse for barbarianism. Not to mention what these types of actions do to our men and women. It has long lasting devastating effects that rarely can be reversed. We should NEVER sacrifice the minds and mental stability of our soldiers just because you think we're a little too soft!!! Put in a few years of service before you think you know anything at all about what it means to serve this country and make the kind of sacrifices our soldiers make every day! We ask so much of them already. I'd rather die than ask our courageous men and women in uniform to commit these kinds of acts. America has withstood every attack on it's people since the beginning of our great nation, and we WILL do what is necessary to keep it safe, but we should never resort to common street thug activities just because the enemy feels it is all right! As human beings, and especially as Americans we have a deeper responsibility to our citizens, our neighbors, and ourselves!!

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mama kaz - 4/22/10 @ 8:58 AM:
I agree with Olivia 100%. I couldn't say it any better. I'm pretty sure these murderers who use innocent women and children to do their dirty work are laughing at how we fight our wars. Does anyone really believe that a slap on the wrist is going to be effective against these people. We have too much of that in our judicial system now which explains the crime rates. Our men in uniform are doing their job to PROTECT US! They shouldn't have to worry about being court martialed for doing the job they signed up for.

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Olivia Newton - 4/21/10 @ 9:45 PM:
I am behind our soldiers 100%, no matter what they do.
We are in a war, and the other side certainly doesn't show any restraint with a code of ethics. They saw off heads, torture, and mutilate our men and even Americans civilians. We need to fight back any way possible. We're too soft in this country. I say get the job done!

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LIBERAL - 4/21/10 @ 8:37 PM:
While I do not condone this type of behavior by our men in uniform I have to say that if in fact his injuries were not that severe then it only goes to prove that he was clearly not beaten in a manner that would suggest abuse. However, with that said, our men in uniform are supposed to behave in a manner befitting their core values and those of the military. To do anything different shames their code, their service, and the branch for which they serve. Not to mention those who served so gallantly before them. Should they be court-martialed? Perhaps it's a little harsh. There are procedures known as NJP's, non-judicial punishments. Maybe this is what they should have endured? I believe that cour-martialing them over this particular matter is just a bit much, but they certainly shouldn't just "get away" with it either.
The Boss - 4/21/10 @ 9:36 PM: Ally | Side A
I agree with the shaming their code but I can't say I would blame them when dealing with people like this mass murderer. It would take a lot of restraint to treat a person like this with respect knowing he played a role in murdering many Americans.

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The Boss - 4/21/10 @ 1:09 PM:
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