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Living alone and being the king of your own castle or sharing your dwelling with others. What is your preference. I believe it is more pleasant to share your days events with someone, or have a cup of coffee or watch tv with someone wether it be friend or partner. Being alone all the time would be unbearable.


Posted by in Other / Homes on 9/22/08
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Indie_Eric - 12/18/08 @ 2:07 AM:
Give my my solitude. I am around people all day long being a store manager of a major retail chain. I come home and enjoy the calm of being alone. Well i have a cat but shes more of a loner than i am. I see her maybe onne or twice a day, and only whens shes hungery

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 10/20/08 @ 9:10 PM:
Even though my husband is a burping gas machine, I still love sharing my life with him. He kills spiders, empties mousetraps, and helps me with my many projects without complaining too much. I could live by myself but am glad I don't have to.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 9/23/08 @ 11:21 PM:
Obviously you have to get along with that person to stand living with them and to share all of your personal time.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 9/23/08 @ 11:20 PM:
I would rather live with someone rather than be alone.
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