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After having been placed on the Arizona Presidential ballot in 2008 Arizona Attny Gen. Ken Bennett is actually concerned about President Obama's citizenship... ...now? Again? Seriously?

Posted by in Politics / Elections on 5/21/12
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The Boss - 5/21/12 @ 5:00 AM:
It's time to move past this citizenship thing folks.

I would love for the birther issue to be true and would love to see Obama out of office but the reality is it's not a legitimate claim and even if it was there is no way the public would ever find out. A mistake like that would be buried forever.

So let's focus on our energy on things that aren't distractions from the real issues.

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LIBERAL - 5/21/12 @ 1:37 AM:
All right. Hasn't this been discussed? Have we not already verified the legal American citizenship of the PRESIDENT of the United States? Not only has the White House released both the short and long forms of President Obama's birth certificate, but the state of Hawaii has confirmed that both are copies released by their offices.

Attorney General Ken Bennett has claimed that he has only suggested that he may not be able to include Obama on the ballot this November if he does not receive confirmation from the state of Hawaii. Apparently 1,200 Arizonian constituents have insisted by email that Mr. Bennett contest President Obama's eligibility this fall. Seriously? So, Mr. Bennett's excuse is that he felt compelled to act on this matter because 1,200 out of 6.5 million state residents decided to email him?

This no longer seems ridiculous. It is now bordering on bizarre.

Tell me what you think. I'm just curious what any of the rest of the conservatives on JB think of this man's actions. How petty should he be allowed to behave?

I do have a suggestion for Mr. Bennett. If you wish to grasp at straws why not just claim Mr. Obama is not even a citizen of this planet? Say he's from Mars, or Jupiter. Heck, go out on a limb and claim he's from Uranus. Well, okay, that's a bit too far. How could there be enough room on Uranus with your head completely up it? In fact it's simply a matter of being dicontented with your own choice. Maybe you would have preferred Santorum? Just like the Democrats had Mondale and Dukakis in the past, now your party has a Romney. Get over it.

Be upset with your own party for nominating the candidate THEY did, and quit grasping for old news that's already been debunked. It makes you look as ridiculous and desperate as you really are.

Do yourself and your party a favor in 2016. Nominate someone who can win, and quit blaming everyone else for your own mistakes!!!!
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