Believe the law was necessary.

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Believe the law was unnecessary.

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President Obama signed into law the Honoring America's Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012 into law. Agree with the new law or disagree? Why?


Posted by in World / News on 8/06/12
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Neutral Comment

DollyFan - 8/8/12 @ 4:22 AM:
This law was signed by President Obama on Monday. I believe the Courts should rule that the part of the law that creates these restrictions on funeral protests as unconstitutional and the other parts if the law should be left in effect. While I obviously agree that the Westboro group will be dealt a blow by God, our First Amendment is too precious to give up. Picketing at soldier's funerals has nothing to do with gays, as this church would have us believe. They literally are hate mongers but do have the same rights as you or I, and as an American who does not have all the rights of others, I know how that feels to know that others want to keep rights from you. I would not take anyone's rights from them.

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LIBERAL - 8/7/12 @ 7:54 PM:
While I agree with DollyFan that any group that wishes to protest at military funerals should be allowed to I also believe they should have enough respect NOT to. These men and women have given the ultimate sacrifice so that others may enjoy all of the freedoms for which we all hold so dear. I find it absolutely reprehensible that any person would protest another's funeral, especially that of a soldier's. I would call shame on these supposed "christians", but they would have to have morals first to understand the argument. Clearly they do not. I would suggest that members of the Westboro Baptist Church actually read the Bible. Perhaps they could practice what is supposed to be preached. "Love thy neighbor" and "Love thy enemy" to paraphrase loosely. If they cannot find those passages I would be happy to show them. It's actually in that book they always hold up every time they yell at gay people.

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Sarah Forester - 8/7/12 @ 10:21 AM:
It is my understanding that we already have laws, so to speak in place to protect veterans. As for Westboro, they will get their judgement and it does not need to come at the hand of the government.

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The Boss - 8/7/12 @ 10:15 AM:
It is quite possible I might slide to the nuetral side after getting the chance to look into this law a little more. This is honestly the first thing I've heard of this and going based on Dolly Fans information there is no amount of positive in a law that outweighs the negative of attacking Freedom of Speech. If true, this is a blatant attack on Freedom of Speech and support for this legislation should be evaluated carefully. So this was already signed into law? Unbelievable.
The Boss - 8/7/12 @ 10:21 AM: Ally | Side B
I should add that I am VERY supportive of our troops but a lot of their sacrifice is to sustain the freedoms we enjoy so much here in the US. If this law comprimises one of those VERY important freedoms then even with it being for our troops I would not be able to support it. I'm sick of politicians slipping earmarks and unrelated legislation into bills.

Neutral Comment

DollyFan - 8/6/12 @ 10:18 PM:
I had to go neutral on this one. On one hand, I like that the law will help the service members and their families affected by contaminated well water at Camp Lejeune in NC from '57 to '87, helps with fees and access for rural veterans, helps with streamlining the disabilities claim process for veterans and other benefits. On the other hand, I disagree that it is now illegal to hold protests at military funerals unless the protest is 300 feet away and is only held 2 hours before or 2 hours after the funeral. I know this is geared toward stopping the Westboro Baptist Church from their disgraceful protests. I totally disagree with the shows that that church creates at the funerals of our military funerals or the reasons they perform such protests but feel they are Americans using their right to free speech. I feel that this law had this part added just to get this part of the law passed, which sullied the benefits our military members will benefit from, as most would not vote down those benefits and the politicians knew that the protest part of the law would not pass on it's own. I will state one more time that I wish the horrible West Baptist Church would cease to exist and that I believe that they will end up in hel but feel they do have the right, as do each of us, to free speech.
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