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A North Carolina father just turned himself in and is being charged with murder. After his son was killed in a strange ex-girlfriend triangle car accident the family was taunted by those responsible. Read the story and decide. Justifiable?


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 4/13/11

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mama kaz - 4/21/11 @ 10:53 AM:
I'm getting used to a new computer and keep hitting the wrong keys! I should have gone neutral on this one because although I feel really bad for this father, killing someone in cold blood just makes things worse for the family members. This is a really difficult story. I wish people could understand that their actions can change the course of their lives (and the lives of others) in a split second.

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mama kaz - 4/21/11 @ 10:46 AM:
The guy put himself at risk by jumping in the back of the truck. There is a good reason why there are laws about riding in the back of a truck. They are to protect people who are too stupid to do the smart thing. You also have to wonder if he was having a difficult time letting go of the relationship and continuing to contact her. It's a very sad story and a perfect illustration of how emotionally charged issues can have terrible result.

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cutie122403 - 4/14/11 @ 10:42 PM:
Gosh this is a very confusing story. I really feel sorry for the dad because none of us know how we would handle a situation like this until we were in it.

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El Capitan - 4/13/11 @ 8:07 AM:
"The acrimony first turned deadly on a twisty mountain road in December when 20-year-old Joey O'Shields went to confront his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Mathis had been sending him nasty text messages and taunting him in places where he would hang out, said Kim Lambrecht, the younger O'Shields' mother.

O'Shields challenged Mathis to fight like a man, Lambrecht said, but instead, Mathis got inside the truck with the ex-girlfriend. O'Shields jumped in the back and Mathis sped off.

With the truck going about 35 mph through the curves, O'Shields tumbled out and suffered injuries that sent him to a hospital where he died three hours later. Mathis was charged with involuntary manslaughter..."
Read More: http://www.charter.net/news/read.php?rip_id=%3CD9MICDMG1%40news.ap.org%3E&ps=1011&page=1
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