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Julia Hurley, a candidate for the 32nd Legislative district of the Tennessee’s House of Representatives has had some racy pictures surface from a modeling shoot five years ago. Do these type of photos disqualify her from representing TN?


Posted by in Politics / Candidates on 6/21/10

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mama kaz - 7/5/10 @ 2:53 PM:
I don't see how racy pics are any different than what Clinton did in office. I haven't seen them but if she is a conservative who's against lifetime welfare she's got my vote. I care about what people do after they are elected.

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Jeff - 6/23/10 @ 9:42 PM:
I'll vote for ya my friend

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Jeff - 6/22/10 @ 8:29 PM:
I think Im gonna run for an Office what do you think?
The Boss - 6/23/10 @ 8:07 AM: Ally | Side B
Do plenty of homework and go at it with 4 inches of extra skin to deflect all of the criticism that is kin to politics.

Anything is possible and if it's something you feel a calling to do. Go for it.

I honestly plan on running for office years down the road when I can confidently say I have enough knowledge in my head to make a difference.

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LIBERAL - 6/22/10 @ 8:57 AM:
From the description of the photos listed it seems to me the public and media are just blowing it out of proportion. They actually do sound artistic to me. Her ability to lead should be based on many factors, but this should NOT be one of them.

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The Boss - 6/21/10 @ 7:28 PM:
In my personal opinion there is an enormous difference between artistic photos and porn. If these images were truly artistic and weren't pornographic in nature then I see no impact these photos would have with Julia's ability to represent the 32nd district of Tennessee in the house of representatives.

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The Boss - 6/21/10 @ 7:19 PM:
Julia Hurly is a former hooters employee and has been modeling since the age of 5. She is a Maryville College graduate and now owns her own online sports paraphernalia marketing firm.

So just how racy are the photos of this political candidate?

According to KnoxNews.com:

"In one photo, Hurley has rope coiled around her breasts while she tips a hat with one hand and holds the rope in the other.

Another photo, part of a series called "Out of Frame," has Hurley, dressed in what she calls a "full black body suit similar to a leotard" and wearing knee-high black boots while stepping through a picture frame she's holding at an angle.

Those photos are part of a series that was taken about five years ago. Hurley called them "very artistic." Source: http://tinyurl.com/34uueel "
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