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Who are the most talented and best looking brothers out there right now?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 1/25/09
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Side A Comment

*lil_smarty* - 7/9/09 @ 6:07 PM:
the jonas brothers are so flippen hot i love them and i love this website too but its the jonas bros so its an easy pick for an 11 year old

Side B Comment

TattedAngel - 2/10/09 @ 11:07 PM:
I don't know ya'll yet...but ya'll haveta be better than the jonas brothers either way you slice

Side B Comment

Ripi - 2/5/09 @ 10:56 PM:
Who are the Jonas Bro.?
I like the Kazinec Bros. They have this thing going on !
The Boss - 2/6/09 @ 8:48 AM: Ally | Side B
Thank You Ripi, you are too kind.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 2/2/09 @ 8:25 PM:
I may be partial but I think the jealous brothers are way better than the Jonas brothers....

Side B Comment

ioneill - 1/26/09 @ 9:36 PM:
The who Brothers? As if the world really needs another boy band...

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 1/25/09 @ 11:55 PM:
Of course the Jealous Brothers. I love them and they are Way better looking. I especially love one of them, he is my best friend :-)
cutie122403 - 1/25/09 @ 11:56 PM: Ally | Side B
And I forgot to mention extremely talented!!

Side B Comment

Milky - 1/25/09 @ 7:39 PM:
I can't stand the Jonas brothers, but i do know The Jealous Brothers, and one especially is number one. The Jealous Brothers are better looking and certainly more talented.
cutie122403 - 1/26/09 @ 12:00 AM: Ally | Side B
Aww... Our number 1.
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