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Who should Brad really be with? and is anyone else tired of this being on every magazine?


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 3/03/09
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DollyFan - 7/15/09 @ 8:05 PM:
I think Jen is sexier and more of a class act. And, I think Brad should be with me! Oh, I guess that wasn't an option, was it?

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J - 4/2/09 @ 10:51 PM:
Just to be different I am voting for Jen, she is so much hotter classier and not as wierd. Brad should be with angelina but I like jen more.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 3/3/09 @ 5:29 PM:
lol I do what I can my friend and yeah we could very well be a 3rd world country

Side B Comment

The Boss - 3/3/09 @ 5:01 AM:
And Jeff, Congrats on finding one of the ugliest pics of Angelina I've ever seen. lmao

Side B Comment

The Boss - 3/3/09 @ 4:53 AM:
Crystals going to kill me for taking this side but the reality is they're much better for eachother. They both have the desire to adopt a child from every third world county and who knows maybe next year they can adopt one from the US which very well could be a third world country.
cutie122403 - 3/3/09 @ 11:29 PM: Ally | Side B
No, I said I like Jennifer better. However I do think that Angelina and Brad are better for each other. Here soon Angelina is going to be like Octomom but at least they have money.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 3/3/09 @ 3:00 AM:
Angelina all the way...and I am so sick of seening the big face off between these two jeeze.
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