Its Harder Raising Babies

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Puppies Are Much Harder to Raise

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It's been said that puppies are advanced toddlers on crack but is it babies or puppies that are more difficult to raise?


Posted by in Other / Living on 1/09/10

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cutie122403 - 9/12/11 @ 9:55 PM:
Ok now that I have a child of my own I can really answer this question and know exactly what I'm talking about! Dogs are SO much harder to raise then babies. I have a 9 month old and 2 dogs and I could handle 3 of my 9 Month Olds versus my two dogs.

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TattedAngel - 3/13/10 @ 12:03 AM:
Kids are hard to raise, I'm not delusional. However, they get to a certain point they can talk, understand you talking to them, etc. have a decent dog, it is a constant struggle to help them understand, and to know what they train them etc as they never talk. They give a whine, or a glance, or a little extra prance. Babies at a fairly young age learn to talk...which makes the world so much easier! lol

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cutie122403 - 1/18/10 @ 9:06 PM:
I have never raised a baby before but I forgot how hard it was to raise a puppy. We just got a puppy a couple of weeks ago and before that it had been 3 years since we had one. They really take up most of your time like a baby does unless they are sleeping.
cutie122403 - 1/18/10 @ 9:06 PM: Ally | Side B
one great thing about dogs is you can leave them at home, babies you can't.

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mama kaz - 1/17/10 @ 9:19 PM:
I gave this a lot of thought but have to say I found raising kids easier than puppies. My kids didn't poop and pee on the floor, chew up all my stuff, or pounce on me with razor sharp teeth when I least suspect it. I did have one child who ran a close second to puppies but I won't mention any names.
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