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Absolutely Not! No Limitations on EBT

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EBT beneficiaries can’t provide food for their families but they have no issue paying for beer, cigarettes, tattoos, and cell phones with cash. Would you support drivers license restrictions preventing the purchase of these items?

Posted by in Politics / Other on 3/06/12
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cutie122403 - 3/17/12 @ 11:02 PM:
Amen! I would love to see this happen. I cant tell you how many times ive had customers purchase food items (always junk food) with their food stamps then turn around and purchase tobacco, electronics,etc. While having several hundred dollsrs in their wallets.

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The Boss - 3/7/12 @ 9:02 AM:
After working in the grocery business for well over 15 years I've seen it all from Food Stamps to the more sensitive and less stigmatizing EBT. We've become so protective of feelings now that we can't even refer to them as food stamps.

A lot of people need help temporarily which is fine but a large majority of the people swiping the ebt cards are unapologetic permanent card holders with no intention of earning a living for themselves. I see it daily in our local WalMart. There is so much flipping white trash baby makers in this county it's disgusting. This is one of the reasons why we will be attempting to get the hell out of this county before Rachael reaches schooling age.

If your observant as I am you will notice many common occurrences with the ebt recipients. 1.) They always have far more groceries in their buggies than the average working joe and jane. 2.) The buggies usually consist of unhealthy crap which includes Mayfield Ice Cream Bars and of course Mountain Dew (A white trash staple). 3.) They tend to be rude and dressed in pajamas. 4.) They somehow can afford to tat themeselves up. I could go on but what REALLY pisses me off more than anything; they have no problem affording cigarettes and cell phones.

When you throw your hands up and consciously decide to steal from hard working people to supply your cabinets, fridge, and freezer you have provided enough evidence to me that you have no business making purchasing decisions and not only should EBT be HEAVILY regulated until the EBT beneficiaries get off of EBT and provide for themselves they should not be allowed to purchase ANY nonessential items period. If you can't afford to feed your own children how can you afford to always have a pack cigarettes? If you can't afford to feed yourself how can you justify getting inked up? This is not brain surgery folks we (Tax payers) are being raped and ravaged every time the ebt card gets swiped to buy unhealthy food, pull cash out, or now and my personal favorite PURCHASE GAS!!!!!!!!!

LIBERAL - 3/7/12 @ 4:46 PM: Rival | Side B
I see where you're coming from Kaz. I do agree with a lot of what you said, but only so much. If a person needs a little help temporarily I have no problem with that. Those that milk the system are indeed an unnecessary burden on American taxpayers. I would hope that to some degree the government would be watching out for this kind of fraud, and that is what it is. It's fraud. However, that being said, if a person can manage to take care of their children using the EBT system and wishes to have a drink every now and then using their own cash I personally have no problem with that.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 3/6/12 @ 8:55 PM:
No. Unless the alcohol was being abused, but if it were then someone should be calling Child Protective Services anyway. We have no right to infringe upon the choices of others like that. It's just not right. Whether you agree with the lifestyle or choices of another person or not.
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