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Unbelievable. No Way to 50+ billion

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President Obama is now pushing for a minimum of 50 billion for US infrastructure. Wasn’t infrastructure one of his main promoting bullet points for the 787b stimulus bill already passed? Do you support 50b for infrastructure?


Posted by in Politics / News on 9/06/10

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mama kaz - 10/12/10 @ 11:00 AM:
This money is coming out of OUR POCKETS! I want to spend my money on stuff I need not stupid signs in the middle of nowhere and projects that we could do without. I would like to have a dishwasher in my kitchen but we can't afford it so I'm still washing by hand. We couldn't afford a vacation so we stayed home. That is fiscal responsibility. Why can't the government do the same?

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Olivia Newton - 10/4/10 @ 5:10 PM:
Enough money has been shoveled out of our non-existent bank account already......enough to cover all of Obama's campaign promises, but he always needs more. If the government had a budget, like the rest of us, and stuck to it, we wouldn't be putting our children and grandchildren in a position where they will have to pay it back! No way, Obama.

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The Boss - 9/22/10 @ 8:24 AM:
I really am dumbfounded that there doesn't seem to be a limit to the spending where people will stop supporting this presidents economic agenda.

Wasn't it infrastructure that President Obama touted as the selling point of the stimulus bill?

This is absurd. Our country is bankrupt, we are becoming the slaves of our lenders, and the secrecy and unchecked printing press the Federal Reserve has control over is burying us further by the day.

We are standing by watching billions being borrowed or printed to save union jobs and now to create TEMPORARY construction jobs. This is lunacy.

I don't think I'll sleep a wink November 2nd.

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randja - 9/14/10 @ 3:32 AM:
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