I Will Purchase a 3d Television

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I Will Stick With My Plasma or LCD TV

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That's right there are new Televisions coming out; 3D techonology. Will you be buying a 3d TV?


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 1/23/10

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cutie122403 - 2/22/10 @ 10:59 PM:
Oh no, my husband is on the side with the 3d television.

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cutie122403 - 2/17/10 @ 2:10 PM:
I'm going to stay on this side. Although I wouldn't mind having one it isn't necessary.

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DollyFan - 2/9/10 @ 11:20 AM:
Didn't know 3D tv's were coming out but won't be one jumping right out there to buy one. Are there even enough 3D shows on tv to make it worthwhile?

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mama kaz - 2/9/10 @ 10:06 AM:
I'm not even sure what kind of tv I have now but I'm pretty sure I won't be needing a 3D tv. Technology is out of control...

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Jeff - 1/26/10 @ 5:18 PM:
Oh yeah that would be cool

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Dennis Plucinik - 1/24/10 @ 9:44 PM:
I just bought a TV plus I'm not much of a TV guy so it'll probably be another 5 years before I consider buying a new one.
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