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Will either of these cars help lead to a comfortable amount of independence from foreign oil


Posted by in Other / Automobiles on 5/01/08

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gonzo - 6/8/08 @ 9:25 PM:
some of the guys I work with have already converted trucks to use hydrogen. It gave them a 50% boost in mpg and the made everything entirely our of reused crap. Not bad for a bunch of jar heads huh.
The Boss - 10/5/08 @ 9:35 AM: Ally | Side B
Don't think thats hydrogen, are you thinking about bio fuel? Hydrogen requires thousands of pounds of pressure in the cell itself and is fueled by compressed hydrogen with is the fuel source.

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corey forester - 5/10/08 @ 11:18 PM:
I like hydrogen. Supposedly we can convert our existing cars to run on it, use synthetic fluids and say goodbye oil.

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The Boss - 5/1/08 @ 1:13 PM:
I am very interested in hydrogen powered vehicles and with Honda boasting nearly 300 miles on a single fill up, zero emissions, and the likelihood of home filling stations, it is a very intriguing option. One thing that worries me that the home filling station require natural gas to function, ouch! So you must us gas to create the zero emission hydrogen for your vehicle?
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