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Which companies technology products do you like more? Hewlett Packard or Dell? We'll talk about customer service later...


Posted by in Tech / Computers on 4/15/08

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mama kaz - 9/2/08 @ 9:17 AM:
My flatscreen got a crack in it and HP sent me a new one the next day. I worked on a faulty Dell computer at work for years because they don't seem to have customer service. I have not used HP's tech support because I have my own personal tech guy who charges me nothing and speaks english without an accent but I'm sure it's better than Dell's.

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big ben - 5/15/08 @ 8:36 PM:
Well, I have never owned a dell, but, I have only owned hp. HP's are of great quality,(so you are thinking: "what the hell is my point?") however, you have to speak freaken arabic to understand their customer service. That is a big negative, big enough to give em' the thumbs down.

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The Boss - 4/28/08 @ 11:07 PM:
Both companies tend to make some pretty low quality stuff but I definitely prefer HP to Dell. I have a nice HP laptop and it is better built than the Dell laptops I've seen, aside from the xps series.
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