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When traveling what accomadations do you prefer? Bed and Breakfast or a Hotel with a Continental Breakfast?


Posted by in Other / Travel on 3/01/10
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cutie122403 - 3/6/10 @ 10:55 AM:
Although I really enjoyed the hotel we just stayed in and I wouldn't really even consider it a "hotel" I would rather stay in a Bed and Breakfast. It's more personal and they ad the special little touches that the hotel's don't offer. The breakfast is also much better.

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 3/1/10 @ 10:17 PM:
I love me some OJ fo sho...

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The Boss - 3/1/10 @ 9:40 PM:
Really it depends on the establishment you're staying with but a good B&B beats out a continental breakfast any day of the week. I'm a very friendly person who doesn't mind conversing with complete strangers which is another reason I love B&B's; you get to meet some fascinating people. We have.
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