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both last long


Posted by in Videos / Vehicles on 6/23/12
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Sarah Forester - 7/12/12 @ 3:22 PM:
I have never personally owned either but have grown up around both. My husband works for Denso and still says NO to toyota. =)Only consideration are the toyota trucks. If I was made to choose, I would choose a Honda, but it would have to be a 2 door accord. =)

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 1:17 PM:
Just not a fan of either one really. Toyota has had far too many recalls for my liking, and often tend to lose substantial value after only a few years according to most Kelly Blue Book statistics. Never had a Honda. Can't say much about them.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 6/28/12 @ 2:31 PM:
I love my Civic! Its not a new car but its been a good car and its nice to not have a car payment.

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The Boss - 6/24/12 @ 6:15 AM:
Hondas are pricey but tried and tested and in my opinion are slightly better than Toyotas.
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